Why I Shoot Landscape Photography.

Happy Place portrait

Why do I like Landscape photography? For starters, I just enjoy being outside! This is maybe the biggest motivator for me. Exploring new areas and new parks is pure joy. The feeling I have while I am out in the wilderness can not be beaten. there is a sense of calm, and of peace, that is difficult to explain, but it is just such a pure and simple feeling. There is nothing else, just you and the wild, all other things disappear and become insignificant. This simplicity of the place and of self is a big motivator for me to try and capture the moment in a photograph.

Untitled photo

Photography is the best way to remember a place and to relive an experience.  And of course, a fantastic way to share it.  This is just another reason why I love landscape photography. I want to share my experience with others. I want others to share how feel while I am outdoors, if even a small part. I want to encourage others to go out and enjoy the wilderness for themselves. The planet is a fragile thing, and my hope is if more people appreciate it, more people will take care of it.

Untitled photo

That is why I shoot Landscape Photography. To serve as a reminder of what a beautiful world we live in. To share that beauty with anyone who will look at it. And to try and garner new interest in others that may not be fully aware of what is out there, and to hopefully get them curious enough to go find a little piece of it for themselves.

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